General Consulting

Our general consulting services are probably the most utilized of the services we offer to clients. A manager or HR professional at one of our clients can pick up the phone and speak with one of our staff attorneys about any issue (no matter how big or small) at any time – and there is no extra charge. Depending on how complicated the problem, we strive to give immediate and practical advice. Because we specialize in only this area of the law and represent so many different companies, we have real expertise and an ability to understand how to help you work through the issue in a practical way.

We provide phone/email consultations on all areas of labor and employment law, such as:

• Labor agreement interpretation questions
• Discipline/discharge issues
• Family Leave/ ADA issues
• Discrimination/harassment issues
• Wage & hour questions
• Policy handbook review
• Workplace investigations
• Training
• Business sales/acquisitions impacts/union concerns