Labor Negotiations

Labor negotiations is our primary area of expertise. For most of our clients, we serve as chief spokesperson in negotiations and provide all of the necessary underlying support to fulfill that role. We recognize that each company is different and we adapt our role to best serve that company. We handle all aspects of negotiations for clients so they can focus their time and resources on substantive bargaining issues and running their business. Whether the negotiations involve single employer, multi-employer, or multi-union bargaining units, our roles can include:

• Serving as lead negotiator
• Assisting in developing strategy, deciding on proposals, costing proposals
• Handling all of the logistics (preparing proposals, scheduling and meeting locations, preparing a new labor agreement at the conclusion)

Our staff has in depth knowledge concerning many of the unions throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have negotiated labor agreements for our clients with the following labor unions:

Bakery and Confectionary Workers
International Association of Machinists
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Operating Engineers
Service Employees (SEIU)
Sign and Pictorial Painters (Paintmakers)
United Food and Commercial Workers
Various Police Officer Guilds